To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man: The to Catch a Great Guy: Dating and Relationship Advice

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This dating advice for women gives you the blueprint to the male mind so you can get what you want from a man…and not the other way around. Guys get away with tons of stuff and you allow them to. This book will strip men of their power and render them helpless until you have gained what you desire through his actions. And then and only then will we “power him up” again. I’m Gregg, a top dating coach out of Boston. Everyone’s story is unique. You are unique. Men are unique. But your situation is not. I have seen it and fixed it a thousand times. This book is your core resource to understanding how we think and a confidence-builder. Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn: The conveyer belt to manhood (the influences of our upbringing) How we love in different ways and how these ways affect you How men determine a keeper The three things men require (they are not what you think)the five mistakes woman always make and don’t realize (this chapter alone will change your life)