[SALES TIP & ADVICE] Reverse rejection is normal for sales & dating – Scott Sylvan Bell

Rejection is normal for dating and business but there is such a thing as reverse rejection. You may go on a date or a sales call and feel like everything went right. You may hear all of the right things from the potential significant other or client and they give a response like “We will call you back”. The problem is they never call you back. The buyer or the potential significant other may have fears that include: having to the the one to reject you, being guilted about the answer they gave or they just really took the date or the appointment to get information or a free dinner. IN sales you may face sales sabotage if you dont ask the right questions after the sales call. Learning how to sell more can take time. Another word for reverse rejection in the dating world is ghosting.

This video was filmed on Oahu at Magic Island Honolulu December 29th, 2015

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