Pickup – Dating Tips For Men | How To Meet More Women

Pickup – Dating Tips For Men | How To Meet More Women

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♠ Shortcut

All questions:
1:06 – How are you doing?
1:51 – How did you get into pickup? Why did you start?
5:01 – How did pickup change you?
8:10 – Why would someone do pickup? & What are the benefits?
9:19 – Is there a difference between men and women?
11:23 – The benefits of pickup?
13:27 – What happends if the masculine and female energy are out of balance?
15:20 – How do you approach a girl? (Or a man) And what is preventing someone to approach? (Approach Anxiety)
24:22 – How does someone get out of his head and approach?
26:30 – 3 Second rule.
27:13 – How do you keep the conversation flowing?
31:02 – How to get comfortable with Silence?
32:47 – How to keep a conversation fun?
35:10 – Is using techniques okay?
36:14 – How to move from techniques to authenticity?
37:29 – How to close? Best ways to close?
37:38 – Close in Day and night game
39:40 – Instant Dates
45:20 – How to be abundant? How to stop wating results? Pickup addiction?
48:10 – Building a great lifestyle before starting pickup?
50:00 – Pickup and nofap?
53:00 – How do you know what a good lifestyle is for you? How do you find your purpose?

♠ Summary:
In this video I interview Jaryd from Vlaamsevrouwenversieren.be, he is a dutch dating coach who teaches men to become masters at their dating life.

I met him while doing pickup and he personally coached me and became a good friend. Together we approached a lot of girls, and I learned a lot from his experience.

In this interview we will try to answer the most commen questions on dating and pickup. if you questions is not answered drop it in comments.

About Jaryd:
When Jaryd was young he didn’t have many friends and got bullied at school. He would eat with his one friend at school and when he was home play a lot of video games.

At the age of 19 he was still a virgin and was very shy, but then he decided that something needed to change. He wanted to take his life in his own hands. And that’s when he started doing pickup. Over the last 4 years he approached thounsands of girls in many locations and has transformed himself from a shy guy to a very extroverted guy.

He also is very into meditation, enlightment, psychedelics, success, business… he studies various field of life.

Jaryd inspired me alot and changed my life, maybe he can do that too for you. If you have other questions for him, he will gladly answer them.

Jaryd his website:

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Mark Manson – Models: Attract Women Through Honesty:
David Deide – The Way of the Superior Man:

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