If She Doesn’t Text Back Should I Text Again?

If She Doesn’t Text Back Should I Text Again?
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We’ve all been there, you swipped a girl on tinder, you start messaging her and she starts replying… And then silence… What happened? Did I do something wrong? Why isn’t she texting back? She didn’t text back how long should I wait before sending another? Was it something I said? Now to put it bluntly, YES. You did do something, be it being too aggressive or perhaps you said something to offend her.

So what now? Should you just find another girl and move on? What if it happens over and over again? What you need to do is learn the tips and tricks of an expert in the relationship field. To be more specific, an expert in the texting field of relationship advice. Texgod is the all in one relationship guide to help you understand the psychology of girls and get you the dream date that you want.

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