How Does Pornography and Sexting Affect Your Relationship? – Relationship Advice

Listen to Sex Therapist Kenny Pugh give advice to men about Sexting and How it Affects Relationships? Watch the full episode on amazon to get more dating tips from our panel of relationship experts.

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Ben Morrison: Okay, I want to talk about pornography, I honestly think is warping the minds of the younger generation …

Bob Dubac: You think? Of course, it is.

Ben Morrison:… because the access to what is available, these visual images is so ubiquitous right now. And even in my generation it wasn’t … You know, I grew up, we didn’t have broadband. Like we were on modems and stuff like that. Do you know how hard we had to work to see a boob on the internet?

Bob Dubac: We didn’t have cell phones when I was brought up.

Ben Morrison: I had to call a bulletin board in Florida from Boston and wait 20 minutes for the JPG to get to upper nipple level. At that point, my dad had paid $50 in long distance. You couldn’t see this. It was very hard to get to it. And now, kids can just dial it up on their smartphones.

Bob Dubac: Right. It used to be illegal to send over state lines. I remember when Playboy magazine was first … it had to be wrapped in a brown wrapper if you were ordering it from one state and it was being delivered from another state.

Ben Morrison: Yeah. And now I think, what did I read, like 60% of all teenagers are sexting.