5 Tips For Online Dating | How To Get A Boyfriend Online

5 tips for online dating. How to get a boyfriend online.
Here are my 5 tips for online dating. As I reflect on my current relationship I’m beginning to see just how trash every other guy I’ve talked to was before. No one has ever loved me as deeply and as genuinely as my current boyfriend. And guess what I found him online and so can you. I’m making these videos so that you can learn from all the things I’ve done right, as well as all the mistakes I’ve made when it comes to online dating….well dating in general. There are so many times I see girls in relationships that are toxic or I just know won’t last and I just want to yell at them this isn’t going to work sis! This is why I’m here teaching you how to get a boyfriend (online) that won’t waste your time. I’m an advocate for online dating. I think it’s amazing, and it’s changed my life. I’m in a long distance relationship (ldr) it’s been almost 4 years and yes we met online!

If you have any questions or want any advice don’t be afraid to email me! I may answer it anonymously in a video, or if you prefer I”ll just answer all of your questions privately.

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Excerpts from a New York Times article that I found interesting:

WE turn to screens for nearly every decision. Where to eat. Where to vacation. Where to eat on vacation. Where to get treatment for the food poisoning you got at that restaurant where you ate on vacation. Where to write a negative review calling out the restaurant that gave you food poisoning and ruined your vacation. So it’s no surprise our screens are becoming the first place we turn to when looking for romance — because you need someone to take care of you when you get food poisoning on your vacation, right?

One of the most amazing social changes is the rise of online dating and the decline of other ways of meeting a romantic partner. In 1940, 24 percent of heterosexual romantic couples in the United States met through family, 21 percent through friends, 21 percent through school, 13 percent through neighbors, 13 percent through church, 12 percent at a bar or restaurant and 10 percent through co-workers. (Some categories overlapped.)

By 2009, half of all straight couples still met through friends or at a bar or restaurant, but 22 percent met online, and all other sources had shrunk. Remarkably, almost 70 percent of gay and lesbian couples met online, according to the Stanford sociologist Michael J. Rosenfeld, who compiled this data.

And Internet dating isn’t just about casual hookups. According to the University of Chicago psychologist John T. Cacioppo, more than one-third of couples who married in the United States from 2005 to 2012 met online….

No one wants to invest too much on a first date. After all, the odds are it won’t be a love connection. It’s hard to get excited about a new person while doing a résumé exchange over beer and a burger. So stack the deck in your favor and abide by what we called “The Monster Truck Rally Theory of Dating”: Don’t sit across from your date at a table, sipping a drink and talking about where you went to school. Do something adventurous, playful or stimulating instead, and see what kind of rapport you have.

In a world of infinite possibilities, perhaps the best thing new dating technologies can do is to reduce our options to people within reach. In a way they’re a throwback to a past age, when proximity was crucial. In 1932, the sociologist James H. S. Bossard examined 5,000 marriage licenses filed in Philadelphia. One-third of the couples had lived within a five-block radius of each other before they wed, one in six within a block, and one in eight at the same address!

Today’s apps make meeting people fun and efficient. Now comes the hard part: changing out of your sweatpants, meeting them in person, and trying for a connection so you can settle down and get right back into those sweatpants.

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